Vibro isolation

Modern buildings are equipped with big number of engineering systems: air conditioning, ventilation, elevators, backup power systems. All this equipment causes low frequency vibration that spreads through construction of the building. Vibration also can be caused by railroad, metro etc. It can damage constructions of the building and cause negative influence on people.

To reduce vibration level, we need to create anti-vibration system. One of the most efficient method is elastic layer between vibration source and surface or construction you want to protect. This layer can be filled with vibroabsorbing and vibroisolating materials.


Elastomer made of polyurethane foam

  • Combination of spring and damping characteristics
  • Solutions for different weights of equipment
  • Long period of service


Steel spring isolators

  • High reliability
  • Low natural frequency
  • Open construction allows to adjust spring hardness
  • Interchangeability of the elements
  • Compact size

Vibroflex M8

Anti-vibration hangers

  • High efficiency in wide frequency range
  • Anodized frame of hangers
  • Long period of service

Vibroflex SM

Anti-vibration pads for equipment

  • Wide range of stress
  • Turn-key Solution
  • Fast mounting
  • Standardized sizes
  • Precisely measured characteristics
  • Low price
  • Multipurpose solution

Vibronet A5

Vibration damping mastic

  • Reduces vibration by 20 dB
  • Can be used with any coverage
  • Wide temperature ranges from -60°C to 100°C
  • Water and hydrocarbon resist
  • Safe in use
  • Period of service is 25 years
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