Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Acuflex is a special soundproofing fiber rolled material developed based on modern requirements for construction acoustics. It is a universal solution to arrange floor sound-proofing when protecting against impact noise.

Acuflex, soundproofing underlayment below the finishing flooring and floating floors
15 х 1m roll, 4mm thickness
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Acuflex is a sound-proofing material manufactured by Acoustic Group own production capacities in the form of 15m long rolls. The material has been tested in acoustic laboratories of NIISF and NNGASU. It is recommended for use as a resilient layer in the structure of floating floors and as an underlayment for finished floor coatings. Technical characteristics of Acuflex meet the requirements of GOST 23499-2009.

Scope of Application

Acuflex can be placed under a cement-sand screed or a layer of finished coating (laminate flooring, parquet board, linoleum).

Thanks to low thickness, the Acuflex underlayment can be applied when it is impossible to dismantle the leveling screed. It is covered with Acuflex blankets, with 20mm thick KNAUF floor elements placed above. This solution is perfect for finished coatings made of porcelain tile or ceramic tile.

It is possible to place a cement-sand screed over Acuflex using a semi-dry method without a dividing PE layer. This method can be applied in newly constructed buildings when carrying out rough shaping before the house is taken up for residence.


The material is made of a resilient polyether synthetic fiber treated to get stable sound-proofing properties.

Distinctive Features

  • Universal application: for finish coatings and leveling screeds;
  • Extends service life of floor covering due to air and moisture circulation;
  • The fiber structure ensures stability of acoustic parameters during the entire service life;
  • Allows for making a thin and efficient structure for additional proofing against impact noise (ΔLnw = 21 dB) without a leveling screed.

The price of Acuflex is much lower than Shumanet-100Combi and Shumanet-100Gidro having additional water proofing, so it is reasonable to be used in floors that require no water protection.

Roll width: 1 m 
Roll length: 15 m
Thikness: 4 mm
Roll weight: 5,0 кг

Physical and technical characteristics

  • Area density: 300 g/m
  • Breaking force along length and width: above 750N
  • Thermal conductivity factor (λ), W/m ̊С: 0.036

Reduction of impact sound pressure level:

  • under 15 mm parquet decking: ΔLnw=17 dB
  • under 8 mm laminated flooring: ΔLnw=20 dB
  • under cement and sand screed with area density of 120 kg/m2 with a dividing layer: ΔLnw = 28 dB;
  • under cement and sand screed with area density of 120 kg/m2 without a dividing layer: ΔLnw = 24 dB;
  • under 20mm thick KNAUF elements with 8mm ceramic tile placed above: ΔLnw = 21 dB.

Acoustic tests have been carried out by acoustic measurements laboratory NIISF RAASN, Moscow, and by acoustic laboratory NNGASU, Nizhny Novgorod.