Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Excellent sound-proofing performance of the SHUMOSTOP slab system ( ΔLn,w = 39 dB) ensures an impact noise of 20 dB below the level required by the construction code for almost any structures of interfloor overlapping. This provides true acoustic comfort when the sound of a bottle falling on the floor of a premise above is perceived in a premise below as a sound of a falling small coin.

Shumostop-S2,glass-fiber slab
1200 х 600 х 20 mm, in package 10pcs./7,2 m2
Price on request

Shumostop-S2 is one of the most efficient materials used as an elastic layer in a ‘floating’ type floor. The sound-level reduction index is 39 dB when placed in a single layer. This sound-proofing is enough to suppress discomfort in a premise on the floor below when heavy items fall down.

Technical characteristics of Shumostop-S2 slabs prove their unique quality-to-price ratio.

Scope of Application

The slabs are intended for making an elastic layer of soundproofing located between reinforced concrete floor and reinforced screed. During works, two Shumostop brands are recommended to be combined: K2 as an interlining along the perimeter of a premise and in locations of expansion joints, and S2 as the primary layer covering the floor slab.


A slab consists of URSA GLASSWOOL discrete glass fibers treated with a water-repellent composition.

Distinctive Features

  • professional sound-proofing;
  • quality control of each slab;
  • maximum values of impact noise decrease index.

To find out more on the price of Shumostop-S2 slabs and prices for other sound-proofing materials, please look through the full price-list of our products. You can buy Shumostop-S2 for floor from Acoustic Group and authorized partners.


Slabs size and physical characteristics

length, mm

width, mm

Slab thikness, mmVolume density, kg/m3Package weight, kgPackage
volume, m3


per package

Shumostop-S2 1200 600 20 90±2 13 ±0,1 0,14 10pcs./7,2 м2
Shumostop-К2 1200 300 20 105 ±5 8,5 ±0,5 0,072 10pcs./3,6 м2

Impact noise insulation
Acoustic tests have been carried out by acoustic laboratory NNGASU, Nizhny Novgorod.

Frequency, Hz100125160200250320400500
Decrease in specified impact noise level ΔLnw due to floating screed laid on the layer of SHHUMOSTOP-S2, dB 14,4 19,6 23,1 21,7 27,8 32,7 34,3 33,0
Frequency, Hz630800100012501600200025003200
Decrease in specified impact noise level ΔLnw due to floating screed laid on the layer of SHHUMOSTOP-S2, dB 37,4 35,8 40,8 43,4 45,5 50,0 57,3 61,0

Index of decrease in impact noise level by one layer of SHUMOSTOP-S2 under the screed 120 kg/m2 ΔLn,w = 39 dB, by two layers of SHUMOSTOP-S2 = 43 dB. Extra air-borne noise insulation - ΔRw = 8-10 dB.


To ensure the stability of floor performed as per Shumostop-S2 slabs, edging Shumostop-K2 slabs, 300 mm wide, are placed along the perimeter, as well as around columns. In order to avoid contact of leveling screed with wall surfaces, an interlining material (such as Vibrostek or Shumostop-K2) is installed along the perimeter, with its height a little bit more than that of the screed being installed.

Shumostop-S2 slabs are placed on the floor slab tightly end-to-end, without a clearance. A water-proofing layer is placed on Shumostop slabs (reinforced PE film) and raised along the wall to the edge of the interlining material. A reinforced concrete screed, at least 60 mm thick (for a single SHUMOSTOP layer) or 80 mm thick (or two layers), is then arranged. A finished floor is constructed above the screed. The baseboard is only mounted to one of the surfaces: either to the floor or to walls.
Slabs are recommended to be installed in cotton gloves.