Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


sylomer12-s.jpgVibration insulation material handling a wide range of vibration insulation issues.


Sylomer is a vibration insulating material developed by Getzner’s engineers (Austria) and made using foamed polyurethane. The production process allows to obtain a structure with open and closed type cells. Varying of cell parameters enables to manufacture a product line featuring a set of characteristics required to solve a wide range of challenges. Ease of machining allows producing supports of pre-defined configuration in situ or upon the request. Sylomer can be applied for vibration insulation of vibro-active devices of different dimensions and weight.

Scope of Application

Sylomer is intended for the vibration insulation of engineering equipment, building foundations, inside the structures of floating floor, etc. Material parameters are selected specifically to every project, objective and conditions.


Polyurethane elastomer with mixed type cell structure.

Distinctive Features

  • Resistance to outside environment, water, oils and most of chemically active substances;
  • Capability of withstanding 2 million load cycles;
  • High resistance to overloads;
  • Property retention during no less than 30 years under permanent load.
Sylomer SR 11 yellow

Maximum static load 0.011 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 18 orange

Maximum static load 0.018 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 28 blue

Maximum static load 0.028 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 42 pink

Maximum static load 0.042 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 55 green

Maximum static load 0.055 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 110 brown

Maximum static load 0.11 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 220 red

Maximum static load 0.220 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 450 gray

Maximum static load 0.450 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 850 turquoise

Maximum static load 0.850 N/mm2

Sylomer SR 1200 purple

Maximum static load 1.200 N/mm2