Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


In the design, construction and renovation of hotel facilities, it is recommended that due attention be paid to acoustic comfort in the rooms, as well as in public areas.

According to statistics from the world leading hotel operators, hotel guests most frequently complain of noise, which is about 25% of all negative reviews. This factor significantly affects the hotel rating in the booking systems and, as a result, the number of guests, the cost of accommodation. Thus, good sound insulation and acoustic finishing of the hotel facilities is one of the components that determines its successful commercial operation. No wonder leading hotel operators such as ACCOR, HILTON and others have been using their acoustic standards regulating construction and architectural acoustics, for decades.

Key numbers


of complaints of hotel guests are related to noise in the bedroom

52 dB

minimal sound insulation between two hotel rooms

30 dBA

noise exposure limit in a 3-star hotel bedroom at night

90 dBA

the noise level in the technical premises, entertainment areas (restaurant, conference hall) of the hotel facilities might reach

Issues of sound vibration insulation and acoustics in hotels

  • Protection from external sources of noise and vibration (laying of vibration-proof mats under the foundation, calculation of the required sound insulation of the glazing of the building)
  • Sound insulation of the hotel facilities (sound insulation between the rooms, sound insulation between the corridor and the hotel room)
  • Sound insulation between the hotel rooms and third party facilities (restaurant, fitness center, office, etc.)
  • Reducing noise from the operation of the hotel engineering systems (ventilation, air conditioning, pumps for water treatment and heating systems, lift equipment, etc.): vibration insulation of the elements of engineering systems, sound insulation and acoustic finishing of technical premises, noise shielding from outdoor engineering installations
  • Acoustic solutions for public areas (lobbies, conference rooms, recreation areas)

Detailed requirements for sound insulation of rooms in hotels of various classes and star-rating are provided in the GYPROC Sound Insulation Systems for Hotels, Offices and Cinemas Engineering Solutions Album.

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