Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Malls, Shopping and Entertainment Centers

In the design, construction, and renovation of shopping and entertainment centers (SEC), a great attention should be paid to the issues of sound and vibration insulation as well as to creating the required acoustic comfort in the premises. The European practice of operating SECs shows that, the more comfortable in terms of acoustics (less noise) the shopping center, the longer a client stays there, making more purchases. In addition, this is an additional income of tenants and a correspondingly higher rental rate.

Key numbers

not more than 50-55 dBA

the recommended equivalent noise level in shopping areas

90 dB

the maximum possible noise level in a bowling hall

not more than 2 sec.

the recommended reverberation time for large rooms (open spaces in shopping centers, food court) for good intelligibility of voice announcements

Issues of Sound and Vibration Insulation and Acoustics in Shopping and Entertainment Centers:

  • Sound insulation of "noisy" premises of SECs. These include almost all entertainment facilities: cinemas, clubs, bowling halls, etc. For this purpose, between them and shopping areas, vibration insulation of floors, sound insulation of walls and partitions, sound insulation of ceilings and floors shall be provided.
  • Sound and vibration insulation of engineering systems: reducing the noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as other adjacent service premises (vibration insulation of refrigerators, noise insulation of chillers, etc.). In this case, the objects of projection are shopping and entertainment as well as administrative premises adjacent to the engineering systems.
  • The required acoustic environment in the premises of a shopping and entertainment center: noise reduction in galleries, atriums, and gaming areas. It is important to understand that poor acoustics in the SEC premises ultimately translate into lost profits of space tenants and owners. As an example, we can cite one of the Moscow SEC, where a five-meter waterfall was installed in the center of the atrium to attract clients. A few months after launching it, it became clear that either the waterfall performs, or the attached stores can work. Too much noise tired clients and store employees, tenants refused to rent space near the fountain.
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